Hardwood Bridge, LLC, is the result of over 40 years of experience, executive leadership, and entrepreneurial adventures rolled into a flexible and principles-driven approach to aiding others in matters of business leadership and change, nonprofit governance, public-private partnerships, life-change, and realization of dreams, desires and goals.  Learned and earned.

With mastery of the technical, and other "hard", skills necessary to survive and thrive in taking ideas from whimsy to reality to powerful impact, the "soft" skills have also been earned and learned along the way, giving a holistic view and ability to address and approach almost any problem, barrier, challenge, or opportunity with confidence.  At the same time, knowing what we don't know is also important, so we only seek to engage where we can help, not simply because we can earn money or other consideration.  Know ourselves first.

We welcome opportunities to serve in commercial or other situations, though we do not actively seek them.  We do not advertise, market, solicit, or network for the purpose of seeking work or activity.  As we seek and act to build relationships and friendships, interesting and desirable opportunity finds its way to us.  When it does, we are grateful and ready.  When it does not, we rest and recharge focused on the higher priorities of life.  Don't force life's rhythm.

So where did the name "Hardwood Bridge" come from?  Do y'all build bridges?, you might be wondering.  Well, yes ... sort of.  The name is simply two words that mean something positive to us.  We have always enjoyed making things, fixing things, repurposing things and especially, when it comes to hobby and recreation, things which involve working with wood.  "Hardwood" conveys durability, strength, allowance of time to realize and time to work, the opportunity for a beautiful finish when the work is done, and a stability which lasts.  "Bridge" conveys a connection of something to something across something else.  Durable beautiful connections.

For decades we have built bridges between people, places, perspectives, purposes, processes and plans.  We have worked hard to never burn one of those bridges, certainly not from our side.  Those bridges continue to link us to others to this day, and will continue to do so as we continue ahead into the future building ever more new bridges for as long as we can.   Purpose-driven ...